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Tempura Shrimp Cannon

You know your kitchen needs this…

Meanwhile, in China…

It’s a Feeling

Not for the Faint Hearted

Dat bellybutton…

Cracklin’ Oats!

** WARNING: Language! **

I Have Discovered Monkey

Better than the Original

She’s Gone

Absolutely beautiful.

Fanny Flambeaux


Don’t Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form!!

Proof: Ostriches CAN Fly!

Edna had a Bad Dream

Watch Out for my Body Rolls

Nobody Likes a Party Pooper

Constructive Use of Talent?

Not as Awesome as Intended

Sex Your Canteloupe

And yes, this guy has more videos…

How Animals Eat Their Food


Freestyle Canoe

… and Portlandia’s take on this magnificent sport:

I’m Not Sure Why This is a Thing

… but it is.

(Don’t laugh at this)

What’s Your Secret, Paula?!

Just Another Nightmare Featuring Oprah and Paula

Amazing! He Got It!

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