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Animal Abuse?

Freaking Adorable

Why, YouTube? WHY?!

I Have Died of Dysentery

I’m still not using their crappy browser…

In Case You Missed the Inauguration…

What is this Sorcery?!


Ice Cream!!!

Or, if you prefer…


In Case You’ve Ever Wondered…

… this is what english sounds like to people who don’t know english.  All right!

Going to the Store

Finger Time!

Alright, I caved.  Despite my distaste for all things (American) football, this has been making its rounds and I just can’t help but love Bad Lip Readings.  Stank!!  Ham bone?

Gary Busey – On Hobbits

Just Throw it In… I’m a Ghost!

Rhythm Heaven – Now with Powerful Odor Blocker!


For the original, go HERE.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Why do I only discover kite tubing AFTER it’s been banned in all 50 states?!?  This would be amazing!!

Heinrich and Frank Refused to Conform

Han is NOT Impressed

Borat Tries Veet?

Sounds like the men of Amazon have had many similar issues with this incredible hair removal product.  Click HERE to read more…




Pensive Sloth Will Ponder

Pensive Sloth

I Have the Same Technique when Lifting at the Gym


She’s not even lifting all that much!!

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