… a whole lot of random.

Thanks Internet!


The music really makes the movie.

Game of Thrones – 90’s Style


It’s NOT A Tumor!!

Forecast: Cloudy with a 300% Chance of Men

I Have No Words For This

The Leg Slapping Just Killed Me…

What’s Your Secret, Paula?!

Just Another Nightmare Featuring Oprah and Paula

Pronunciation Help

This YouTube channel is my secret to flawless pronunciation.  I share because I care…

Humans… Yelling Like Goats… Yelling Like Humans

Just when you thought the goat shenanigans had died down…

Goat Editions are SO Last Week…


Also, this…


Better than the Original!

Edit (later):  Just couldn’t leave these gems out of the fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Simply Marvelous

This must have taken forever to make!

*Unintelligible Nonsense*

I’d Say it’s an Improvement!!

Dude… you slapped a fish!

This is How I Rove

Beauty and the Beat

Epic Tea Time

I wouldn’t disturb him if I were you…

100 Years…

… and this is what we’ve come to.

Oh Long Johnson (Remix)

My Thoughts Exactly, Bill

Can’t… Stop… Watching…

Best YouTube comment: “KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!”

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