… a whole lot of random.

Japanese Insanity

Tempura Shrimp Cannon

You know your kitchen needs this…

Fanny Flambeaux


Edna had a Bad Dream

Customer Service is Different in Japan

English for Beginners: Lesson 1

Handy phrase…

Fairy Tales are Different in Japan

Itchy Foot

They just don’t make shows like they used to…

Taking Wii Games Literally

Crazy Japanese Candy

Looks like a lot of work…

Going Nowhere

Dying to Know What’s on that Rag

Literal Public Toilet Pranks

So evil!!

Scariest. Toilet. Ever.

Seriously… only in Japan.

How to Escape a Fart

Truly a classic.

Traditional Japanese Instrument

I want!  I want one so bad!!!

Oh Japan, How Have We Not Had You Committed?!

Happy 7th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!



Happy 6th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!

Happy 5th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!

Happy 4th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!

Happy 3rd Japanese Game Show Sunday!

How is this allowed??

Hally Porter and the Dirty Melon Bleed

Classic Engrish Subtitles

Happy Japanese Game Show Sunday!

I would be so freaked out at the punishment, I’d have no hope of doing well!  Oh Japan…

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