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Carp Hunting!

Never Trust Cruciferous Vegetables

Even this dog knows there’s something that’s just not right with broccoli

Live From the Red Carpet

Gum Flappin’ Fun!

I can’t stop watching this…

Nunjas Don’t Mess Around

Can’t… Stop… Watching…

Best YouTube comment: “KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!”

Meanwhile, in Russia…

How Beer is Made

If She Can Do It, Anyone Can!

What’s Going On?!

I truly stumbled my way into this one…

I Don’t Know What I Expected…

… but it wasn’t that.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Weightless Cats are Not Amused

I’m Totally Going to the Zoo Tomorrow

… or the mall…

This is What Someone with Issues Looks Like

… but I’ll bet his farts could freshen a room!

10 Steps to a Successful Kiss

Did your Valentine’s Day suck?  Perhaps you need to work on your kissing technique.

Kickin’ it at the Dog Park

I wonder if I’ll be able to train the new pup to do this?

How Cricket Looks to Americans

Quality Use of a GoPro

Girl Malfunction!

Makes Me Want Some Jammie Dodgers

Summertime is Different in Norway

Fancy Pants!

Sounds Suspiciously Like My GPS

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