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This Probably Messed with a Few Heads

How to Kill Your Washing Machine

This washer looked like it could use a solenoid.  You’ve got to give this thing credit for hanging in there…

Gotta Love the 90’s

This guy is awesome… and I want his keyboard.

They Don’t Make Watercoolers Like They Used To


Best Campaign Vid EVER

Vote for Vermin!

Every House Needs a Slide!

Air Horns Work Too

This is brilliant!

The Cellular Radio Telephone Revolution!

It weighs only 30 ounces!!

What are the Odds?!

Pardon the vulgarity, but this is a hilarious random draw of the letters…

This Guy Has Incredible Range

I couldn’t make it to the end… can you?

Taking Wii Games Literally

Well Handled, Sir!

I guess Slovakians are a little behind the times in mobile technology?

Loopy the Cat Presents: A Waltz for One

Shyamalan Zebra

Screech Professes His Love

This is so creepy and nauseating, I can’t even watch it a second time.  Briona, get help.

Seattle Drivers in 2″ of Snow

This is an honest depiction. They really are this bad… and sometimes worse!

That Thing Needs Emissions Testing!

Was this trying to sell me something?

The Miracle Product Celebs Use!

Kitchen Synthesizer

Vermin Supreme for President!!

Finally a strong candidate for the 2012 elections!  Please vote for him… I want a pony!


News is More Awkward in Oz

Kid Tested, Reptile Approved

Forget a dog… I want to have a pet that understands that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Les Chevaliers du Ciel


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