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Eat at Zhannah’s

He’s sold me.

Actually, That Would Be Wellington

That’s it…  I’m sending my future kids overseas for their education.

Adele Butter Dance

Oh performance art…

Umm… Grandma?!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

All she wanted was a cold pop…

Ye Olde Linguistic Lesson

I learned something today.

Tupac Lives

… just in a galaxy far, far away.


Your Daily Dose of Science

100 Years…

… and this is what we’ve come to.

Mr. McFeely and the Freaky Panda

A Piece of my Childhood

Don’t judge.

Belgian Drama

More ad flash mobbiness…

Windows Project Glass

If you don’t know about Google’s Project Glass, check out the video HERE

Happy Morning!

This just somehow felt appropriate for Easter morning.

PSA Fail

So wait I’m confused… if I get my doctor to hook me up with some of this VD stuff, I can be as happy as all of these wonderful and successful people?  Bring it on!!

Oh Long Johnson (Remix)

You Shall Not Pass!

Want Some Ice Cream, Little Girl?

In Case You Were Wondering

Swiss Spaghetti Farming

From the BBC archives.

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