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In Case You Missed the Inauguration…

Finger Time!

Alright, I caved.  Despite my distaste for all things (American) football, this has been making its rounds and I just can’t help but love Bad Lip Readings.  Stank!!  Ham bone?

Porpoise Tacos Strike Back

I’d Say it’s an Improvement!!

Dude… you slapped a fish!

Are You a Math Dork?

He will force spiders and badgers on the enemy… and get ’em all to shut up!

Bring on the Steamed Croutons!

Did he just call me a pony?

It’s a Prison Party!

With one cock-eyed boar, she’s going to cure everybody who’s nauseous!  I can’t help but love these…

Save a Pretzel for the Gas Jets!!

“What’s good, is to get these goats for our computer industry!”

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