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Meanwhile, in China…

Word Crimes

An Awesome, Lonely Person

Gee… This is Disturbingly Watchable


In case you missed the original…

Talk Nerdy to Me

That boy needs to up his lightsaber game… just sayin!

A Brief History of Russia

In the spirit of Sochi, here’s something educational…

Not for the Faint Hearted

Dat bellybutton…

Better than the Original

The Secret of the Fox

Das Boot

Might not want to watch this one at work…

Supersonic Electronic

Imagine your life if you hadn’t seen this.


Better than the Original!

Edit (later):  Just couldn’t leave these gems out of the fun!

Flirting: You’re Doing it Wrong

Too Much Effort Went Into This

… for it to suck this bad.  Amazing.

Rebecca Black’s Mom?

Fairy Tales are Different in Japan

A Piece of my Childhood

Don’t judge.

Party Rock Anthem… Literally

Oh Japan, How Have We Not Had You Committed?!

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