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Still Debating the Purchase


Human Thumb Comes to Life!

Guy on a Buffalo

Hope he don’t cha…oh no he’s gonna chase me!

Harry Pasta

Sexy Sax

WARNING: Contains extreme saxual content!

Llama See, Llama Do!

Teaching a llama the finer points of safe driving.

Happy Japanese Game Show Sunday!

We need more shows like this in the States!

Hand Models are Abnormal

The Tyra Banks of hand modelling!

AT-AT on a Griddle

The Empire recommends these all-terrain flapjacks as part of a well balanced, galaxy dominating breakfast.

Meanwhile, in America…

This Pony is Having a Ball!

Root Cause Analysis

Just Give Up

At a certain point, maybe you should consider taking up another sport. Bowling perhaps?

There’s No Sense Arguing

And you worried about the Hamburglar…

Scary iPhone!

Yeah… The thought of using AT&T freaks me out too.



What happens in the fridge, stays in the fridge.


Miley on a goat

Because you have haven’t lived until you’ve seen Miley on a goat?



Words of wisdom for today’s flight.

You'll never hurl if you're screaming

Phone Case for Creepers

Phone case creeper

Seriously,  only the Japanese…

Luke’s OCD is becoming a concern…


Definitely one of the creepier websites I’ve stumbled upon in my interweb travels.

Beards from below

Yo Dawg… I heard you like Starbucks…

Starbucks x2


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