… a whole lot of random.

Days of Christmas

Salsa Dog!

Epic 7UP Commercial

I’m Santa and I Know It

Parrot Singing ‘Bodies’

This really creeps me out.

Nature’s Steady Cam

Ducktales Cover

… by a bored girl.

The Yelling Goat Helps Oprah

They make a great team!

Watch Your Head!

I’d love to try this out.

Hey! You’re Drinking My Talent!

Wonderful World

Just made me smile.  Merry Christmas.  =)

Chewie’s Got the Spirit!

Terry Crews Teaches Euro Training

Obama’s Elf

Crazy Japanese Candy

Looks like a lot of work…

Going Nowhere

Rosita Always Enjoyed Mariachi

What is this Sorcery?!

It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

Jackie Chan: Master of Fish

NW/Delta 747 Rebranding

Kids These Days Have it Easy!

Top Secret Drum Corps

This video has over 2 million views.  They’re not nearly as secret as they think.

Dying to Know What’s on that Rag

Marcel the Shell

This is a classic.

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