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Why I Don’t Watch the News

** CAUTION:  Strong Language**

The More You Know…

Featuring a cameo by Liam Neeson as Fidel Castro.

Extreme Sitting

Those crazy germans and their extreme sports!

I Have No Words For This


My Anus is Bleeding!

She Has At Least 8 Cats

Freestyle Canoe

… and Portlandia’s take on this magnificent sport:

The Leg Slapping Just Killed Me…

Only in Canada, Eh?

Make the World a Brighter Place

I’m Not Sure Why This is a Thing

… but it is.

(Don’t laugh at this)


At least she balanced it out by including a vegetable!

It was an Inside Job

Multitasking Master

Das Boot

Might not want to watch this one at work…

What’s Your Secret, Paula?!

All Hockey Hair Team

O Fortuna (with captions)

Just Another Nightmare Featuring Oprah and Paula

Supersonic Electronic

Imagine your life if you hadn’t seen this.

Pronunciation Help

This YouTube channel is my secret to flawless pronunciation.  I share because I care…

Amazing! He Got It!

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