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Meanwhile, in China…

I’ve Been Trying to Do This for Years

It just sounds like something is dying when I try, though.  This woman is amazing!!

This Just Plain Looks Fun

Might want to turn down the volume a bit, though… that alarm gets mighty old.

Better than 3D Printing

Morgan Freeman Makes Everything Awesome

I could listen to this man say “poop” all day…

Extreme Sheep Herding

It’s an older code, sir, but it checks out…

Flight Over the Beautiful Blue Danube

SNES Downton Abbey

I’d totally play this.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Why do I only discover kite tubing AFTER it’s been banned in all 50 states?!?  This would be amazing!!

Best. Sport. EVER.

This Cop Needs to Come to Seattle

The Balloonist Really Nailed It


That’s Hot


Why Does Anyone Bother Watching Basketball

… when slam ball is this much more awesome?

Raptor Suit

Whoa… I always assumed it was CG.  I want one!!!

Can I Keep Him?!

Craigslist Ad by an Awesome Person

Your Daily Dose of Science

Banjo Brothers are Back At It

I’m guessing home schooled…

Falling… With Style

Riveted Cat is Riveted

This cat knows an awesome movie when he sees one.

How Beer is Made

Pizza Boomerang

!!! CAUTION: This video does have a moment of unsafe-for-work-osity.  It was simply too epicly bizarre not to post though.  Please watch responsibly!!!

I Want to Be This Mom When I Grow Up!

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