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Who Doesn’t Like a Cat in a Hat?!


Tomorrow’s Fashion… Today!

Ooh… swish!

Natty Light’s Wild Ride

My only criticism: couldn’t they have picked a better beer?!

Oh Japan, How Have We Not Had You Committed?!

Epic Police Chase

Introducing the Wampug!

Scaredy Dog and the Nostrils of Doom

Imagine his reaction to Sarah Jessica Parker!

We Give Thanks

Nothing inspires a spirit of thanksgiving and patriotism like this website:

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

















Please don’t ask how I find these things.    Happy Thanksgiving!!

Who Wants a Body Massage?

Because these classics simply need to be saved down for posterity…

I’m a What?!

Just in Time for Christmas!


It’s a Prison Party!

With one cock-eyed boar, she’s going to cure everybody who’s nauseous!  I can’t help but love these…

And You Thought Your School Had Bad Lunches!

Seriously… I have no appropriate caption for this.

Truck Screaming

Goose Parade!

This makes me so happy.

Interview with a Thumb-sucker

Please Don’t Startle the Armadillo

Getting to Know Captain Picard

I always thought the name Jean-Luc sounded a little… erm…

Chuck Testa Remix

So creepy…

Having a Memey Kind of Day

If We’re Being Honest…

Oprah Gives Away the Best Stuff!

Electronic Mail?!

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