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Goodbye Movember!

If Ever You are in Need of Water

… just snag a baboon and brainwash him!  The more you know…


I Believe I Can Fly

And I Thought I Spent Too Much Time Making Weird Noises

Miss Brizzy, I salute you.

Sporting Equipment by an Awesome Store

To: Russia with Love, From: Sweden

All kinds of Russian awesome!

Sad Man Makes Nachos

Porpoise Tacos Strike Back

Thanksgiving Etiquette Guide

Billy wants to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s Thanksgiving – Brock’s Dub

It’s Thanksgiving!

I Want You to Look At All Those Wiggles!!

The Balloonist Really Nailed It

Wait… What Was His Name?

I didn’t catch it…

Too Bizarre to Leave Unshared (NSFW!)

No nudity or extreme grossness, but enough suggestion to warrant a not-in-public viewing.  This will certainly be giving me nightmares.

*Unintelligible Nonsense*


That’s Hot


And the Trololo of the Year Award Goes To…

Yep… I’m Still Amused

I haven’t seen this one in years!!

It Gets Fuller!


Why Does Anyone Bother Watching Basketball

… when slam ball is this much more awesome?

My Name is POTATO!!

Raptor Suit

Whoa… I always assumed it was CG.  I want one!!!

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