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Mr. McFeely and the Freaky Panda

PSA Fail

So wait I’m confused… if I get my doctor to hook me up with some of this VD stuff, I can be as happy as all of these wonderful and successful people?  Bring it on!!

National Anthem Fail

Organizers of 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait accidentally downloaded Borat’s mock anthem of Kazakhstan and played it for the gold medal winner instead of her proper anthem.  She seems to handle it well, but perhaps she just doesn’t understand the words?


A Dog’s Got to Do what a Dog’s Got to Doo

He was doing so well too…

Makes Me Want Some Jammie Dodgers

This Guy Has Incredible Range

I couldn’t make it to the end… can you?

Just Give Up

At a certain point, maybe you should consider taking up another sport. Bowling perhaps?

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