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Extreme Sheep Herding

It’s an older code, sir, but it checks out…

I Need at Least One of These

Constructive Use of Talent?

Majestically Recreated Scene

They do move in herds!

Ooh-rah Mama Dog

Now Accepting Applications!

Not as Awesome as Intended

Somehow the Most Accurate News Report Yet

How Humans Eat

Soap Opera Music

Sex Your Canteloupe

And yes, this guy has more videos…


Follow-up fan vid…

Hardcore Finger Scooting

Canadian Spider Research

Again with the Goat Vids…

Tour of the ISS


Women Drivers

These ladies are NOT helping dispel the stereotype.  =(

Kmart Wit

How Animals Eat Their Food

Flight Over the Beautiful Blue Danube

Nickelodeon is Different These Days

WARNING: Language

You’re Testing My Patience, Woman

This Boring Speech Definitely Needed Spicing Up

Warning: Contains a flying dildo.


Thanks, Adult Swim!

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