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Dear Kitten

How to Wrap a Cat


Soap Opera Music

Happy Valentine’s Day

LMAO- It’s True

Click for a day in the life...



She’s Outta Your League, Bro

Oh Long Johnson (Remix)

Yes, He’s Looking At You

I could watch this all day…

Riveted Cat is Riveted

This cat knows an awesome movie when he sees one.

Territorial Rooster

Weightless Cats are Not Amused

Loopy the Cat Presents: A Waltz for One

Constant Vigilance

It’s official… Russian cats are psycho.

Ever Have One of Those Days?

… where scraping your face along the belt sounds better than actually exercising?   Yeah… you’re not alone.

Guide to Cat Yodeling

Cat on Adderall

Fret not… the cat was fine.  He will just never forget a single moment of that car ride to the vet.

Kitty Wash-o-Matic 2000

Poor kitty…


I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t stop watching this.  This cat looks pissed.

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