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Customer Service is Different in Japan

Octo Thief

Perfect Pitch


And the Freakiest Laugh Award Goes To…

WTH is wrong with poor Consuelo?!? She really fires up around the first minute (feel free to skip to it)!

Better than the Original!

Edit (later):  Just couldn’t leave these gems out of the fun!

Boys and their Trucks

That’s Hot.

Why Has This Not Gotten Old?!

Still cracks me up…

SNES Downton Abbey

I’d totally play this.

Football is Different in Norway

Make My Bub Bubs Bounce

This Thing is Useless!

Amazon Edna
Edna Review


Bucket of Sloths

For your viewing pleasure.

Also, this:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Vote for Anne (with an ‘e’)

Sushi Shops – A Handy Guide


Every Pony Deserves a Cardigan

You’re welcome.

I Am on a Horse… Cow.

The Harlem Shake

There are far too many of these clogging up the youtubes these days…


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