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Sex Your Canteloupe

And yes, this guy has more videos…

Just Another Nightmare Featuring Oprah and Paula

This Thing is Useless!

Amazon Edna
Edna Review


Why, YouTube? WHY?!

It’s Thanksgiving!

Yep… I’m Still Amused

I haven’t seen this one in years!!

Umm… Grandma?!

PSA Fail

So wait I’m confused… if I get my doctor to hook me up with some of this VD stuff, I can be as happy as all of these wonderful and successful people?  Bring it on!!

Want Some Ice Cream, Little Girl?

Irish Eyes

Just in time to mess with your inebriated little head. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Screech Professes His Love

This is so creepy and nauseating, I can’t even watch it a second time.  Briona, get help.

Phone Case for Creepers

Phone case creeper

Seriously,  only the Japanese…

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