… a whole lot of random.


Elephants YEAH!

This exact thing has been going through my head at least weekly since my freshman year in college.  It’s time it was shared…


OMG… I Shouldn’t Be Laughing

Her muffin top is all that...


A Piece of my Childhood

Don’t judge.


Literal Public Toilet Pranks

So evil!!

How to Escape a Fart

Truly a classic.

Demonic Fish Sounds Possessed

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

I almost didn’t post this because of all the ad shenanigans they added to the beginning, but it’s worth the wait… I promise!  Can you smell the freshness?

Charlie the Unicorn


Numa Numa

End of the World


Farting Preacher

Because I’m going to be missing church today due to work, here’s some of the classic Robert Tilton:


Sittin on tha Toilet YouTube Jubilee

The original:


The techno remix:


Then, naturally, the Sparta remix:


The haunted edition:


As featured on Spongebob:


And, finally, a slightly fresher version:

Who Wants a Body Massage?

Because these classics simply need to be saved down for posterity…

Just in Time for Christmas!

A Good Monday Workout

It’s Not Really Friday, But…

Due to a lack of photo posting capability, here is an old fave:


I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t stop watching this.  This cat looks pissed.

Sexy Sax

WARNING: Contains extreme saxual content!

There’s No Sense Arguing

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