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Happy Halloween!

This house terrifies children right out the front door.  I just can’t imagine how someone could just drive past!

Happy 6th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!



3 Quality Last Minute Halloween Costumes

As found on the College Humor website.  These were my top picks, but check out the 7 others that make up College Humor’s list HERE

Steve Buscemi Eyes

What you’ll need:

-A printer
-To look into Steve Buscemi’s soul and confront your darkest fears

How to sell it:

-Pretend that there’s nothing unusual about your appearance until people stop noticing your eyes, then get real close and make them notice your eyes


Epilogue Ron Weasley

What you’ll need:

-Red hair
-A gut
-To allow your life to sink into depressing mediocrity

How to sell it:

-Arrive at the end of the party and ruin what had previously been a really fantastic event


Nyan Cat

What you’ll need:

-Cat ears
-Cherry Pop-Tart

How to sell it:

-Run around repeating the same jokes for the whole night
-Make people look at you until someone finally admits that your costume isn’t actually that funny

Zero to Naked in Under 4 Seconds

Give the Man a Hand!

This is impressive… but is it terrible of me that my final thought while watching this was, “That’s a seriously crappy stool!”?


I want!!

True Regret

Happy 5th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!

It’s Not Really Friday, But…

Due to a lack of photo posting capability, here is an old fave:

Lost Amongst the Corn

The Other White Meat

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I love it.

I Found a New Hobby

… For Kim’s house, of course…

Tom Wears it Best

See What We Have Come To?!

Happy 4th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!

Look at Bill Gates…

… Bill Gates is amazing!!


I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t stop watching this.  This cat looks pissed.

No Kidding


Ever Wonder About that Gyro Meat?

This Dog Hates His Life

Heels are Unnatural

Happy 3rd Japanese Game Show Sunday!

How is this allowed??

Give it a Few…

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