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Happy Halloween!

This house terrifies children right out the front door.  I just can’t imagine how someone could just drive past!

Happy 6th Japanese Game Show Sunday!!


3 Quality Last Minute Halloween Costumes

As found on the College Humor website.  These were my top picks, but check out the 7 others that make up College Humor’s list HERE

Steve Buscemi Eyes

What you’ll need:

-A printer
-To look into Steve Buscemi’s soul and confront your darkest fears

How to sell it:

-Pretend that there’s nothing unusual about your appearance until people stop noticing your eyes, then get real close and make them notice your eyes


Epilogue Ron Weasley

What you’ll need:

-Red hair
-A gut
-To allow your life to sink into depressing mediocrity

How to sell it:

-Arrive at the end of the party and ruin what had previously been a really fantastic event


Nyan Cat

What you’ll need:

-Cat ears
-Cherry Pop-Tart

How to sell it:

-Run around repeating the same jokes for the whole night
-Make people look at you until someone finally admits that your costume isn’t actually that funny

Zero to Naked in Under 4 Seconds

Give the Man a Hand!

This is impressive… but is it terrible of me that my final thought while watching this was, “That’s a seriously crappy stool!”?


I want!!

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