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So Long 2011…

… and thanks for all the fish.

Somebody Needs to Excuse Themselves

Just a Little Something to Warm Your Heart

You knew it was coming… someone has re-dubbed the Mullet Whistler!


And just in case you hadn’t seen the original, here you go…

Guide to Cat Yodeling

Thank You Thighmaster!

It Isn’t Even A Good Song!

Don’t Get This Mixed Up

NOT Cthulu!! Guru?  Who knew?

Follow Your Dreams and Jump off a Cliff

Dining on the High Seas

I think the music really sets the mood for dinner.

Billy Had Never Felt More Alone


Salsa Dog!

Epic 7UP Commercial

I’m Santa and I Know It

Parrot Singing ‘Bodies’

This really creeps me out.

Nature’s Steady Cam

Ducktales Cover

… by a bored girl.

The Yelling Goat Helps Oprah

They make a great team!

Watch Your Head!

I’d love to try this out.

Hey! You’re Drinking My Talent!

Wonderful World

Just made me smile.  Merry Christmas.  =)

Chewie’s Got the Spirit!

Terry Crews Teaches Euro Training

Obama’s Elf

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