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Party Rock Anthem… Literally

Attack the Hand that Feeds

This poor kid… I have a feeling we just saw the childhood trauma that will lead to his adult vegetarianism.

Why am I an Anti-Pennyist?

Carpooling with Edna

This Goose Hates You

Yes, He’s Looking At You

I could watch this all day…


National Anthem Fail

Organizers of 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait accidentally downloaded Borat’s mock anthem of Kazakhstan and played it for the gold medal winner instead of her proper anthem.  She seems to handle it well, but perhaps she just doesn’t understand the words?


Don’t Text and Drive

… but do go ahead and Facebook while standing on your motorcycle.  If you’re a boss.

Keeping Your Menace Phantom

… a handy guide.

Banjo Brothers are Back At It

I’m guessing home schooled…

It’s Been a Busy Six Years

I Always Knew He Was A Creepshow

Falling… With Style

Irish Eyes

Just in time to mess with your inebriated little head. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Pushups Pay Off

You LOSE! (remix)

The Possum 1%

We Stopped Dreaming

A Dog’s Got to Do what a Dog’s Got to Doo

He was doing so well too…

Darth Unipiper

This leaves me feeling simultaneously confused, horrified, disturbed, and awestruck.

Itchy Foot

They just don’t make shows like they used to…

Riveted Cat is Riveted

This cat knows an awesome movie when he sees one.


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