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Love Dat Wookiee Milk!

Epic Black Friday Speech

Tempura Shrimp Cannon

You know your kitchen needs this…

Meanwhile, in China…

I’ve Been Trying to Do This for Years

It just sounds like something is dying when I try, though.  This woman is amazing!!

This Game Was Designed Just For Me!

WARNING: Language

It’s a Feeling


The music really makes the movie.

Word Crimes

Just the Dreamliner Doin’ Its Thang…

Stop the Drama!

Fireworks From the Inside

Happy Independence Day, America!!!

Happy Canada Day!!


Also, here’s an absolute classic.

Most Impressive Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Sorry About the Pad Commercial

… but this is powerful stuff.

Game of Thrones – 90’s Style

Dog + Leaf Blower = Wolverine

An Awesome, Lonely Person

Dear Kitten

Imagine Your Life if You Hadn’t Seen This

I still can’t figure out why the other guys are also wearing Spandex…

I’m Sad I Didn’t Think to Do This

This Just Plain Looks Fun

Might want to turn down the volume a bit, though… that alarm gets mighty old.

Tear-jerkingly Beautiful

My dog apparently has no appreciation for Strauss, though.

Flirting: Albatross Style

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