… a whole lot of random.


Meanwhile, in Ethiopia…

Dubstep- in the Face!

True Love

Hit me right in the feels…

Better than 3D Printing

Gee… This is Disturbingly Watchable


In case you missed the original…

Solar Freakin’ Roadways!

Yes please!

Talk Nerdy to Me

That boy needs to up his lightsaber game… just sayin!

A Star Wars Week Reminder

… of how incredibly painful the prequels were!

May the 4th Be With You!

I Love That This is a Thing

Daily Morgan Freeman Lesson

Daily Biology Lesson

Embrace True Beauty

An Easter Classic

Happy Easter, all!


Elephants YEAH!

This exact thing has been going through my head at least weekly since my freshman year in college.  It’s time it was shared…

Morgan Freeman Makes Everything Awesome

I could listen to this man say “poop” all day…

A Wiener for Every Day


Spoiler alert: This is literally 365 days worth of penises.  Some are disturbing, though most are downright masterful.  Please don’t watch if you are offended by penis art.  I’m just too impressed to leave this one unshared!


Best “Let It Go” Cover

Speed Skating Double Dash

Tumbleweed Terror

This gives me flashbacks of Roswell…

A Brief History of Russia

In the spirit of Sochi, here’s something educational…

How to Poop at Work


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